A downloadable game for Windows

Can't play directly on the Web ?

I tried different build HTLM but the game doesn't run properly T-T

Moreover, the experience would be better in fullscreen with high FPS so please take few seconds to download it ♥

Wowie Jam 4.0

This game was made in 3 and half days during the Wowie Jam 4.0 in august 2022 !

The Theme was COLLABORATE WITH AI so I decided to make a game where you are a musician playing guitar with AI robots :)

The gameplay is almost totally free but you'll need to play in rhythm if you want to wake the AIs ♥


Because all the nice comments, I'm preparing a version with more content ! :D

Wishlist it if you liked the game ♥


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorLe Jo
Made withUnity, Aseprite
TagsAtmospheric, band, bass, drums, keyboard, Music, musician, Pixel Art, quartet, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial, Textless
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


WASD quartet - Alpha 0.6.zip 37 MB

Install instructions

1. Download

2. Unzip

3. Open the file WASD quartet.exe

Development log


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Fantastic Jam session! Would love to see random robots and singers so you get a new song each time. But, keep up the good work!

Maybe in the Steam version ;)


Impeccable vibe, that was really cool !


man, idk why but it made me teared up while playing your game, thank you for making this.



This game is amazing! I saw it in the video about the Jam and had to play it!


A piece of art!


Even after the End, I couldn't leave this game. Unbelievable experience.


Thank you very much ♥


Stunning and impeccable, should've won the jam!


Thank you ♥

Ah ah having such nice ranking for each category feels already awesome :D


Freaking beautiful <3


Thanks ♥


Thanks for building this masterpiece :D


i smell a rhythm game. gotta play this one


We're spotted :O

Hide the rhum ! :D


that was honestly really beautiful. the only thing that would make this more beautiful is a bit of blending between the vocal chops... apart from that flawless


Thank you :)

Do you know how to do this ? :3

We talked about using 2 different game object but I'm looking for any idea ♥


Think you might need to use a different audio system or in fact 2 audio sources and just crossfade, which i think would be the easiest way of doing it.


Yeah, this is the 2 game object we talked about but I'm hoping for a better system :)


Super unique instrument designs and great atmosphere, very enjoyable game (:




This is beautiful