A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to the Spikair Volleyball's club !

Like in real volleyball, you have to choose wisely your next move and have nice timing to smash the ball down (better to put it down in your opponent's field) ;)

We recommend to play with  a controller !

But you can use keyboard + mouse :)


There isn't co-op mode yet but a really fun way to play with friends/family is to use 1 device for 2 players.

So with 1 controller and 1 keyboard + mouse, you can play 2v2 and this is quite challenging :D

You can also use this pro-tip to beat the AI with a teammate B)

Tell us what you think of Spikair in comments :)

This is an Alpha Version of the game and we might change A LOT of stuff but to do this, WE NEED YOU ! Add to wishlist the game on Steam and see where the journey will bring us ♥


You can contact us or receive newsletter by sending an e-mail :


Here is the evolution of the dev :

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Aug 23, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsLe Jo, ClementC
Made withKrita, GIMP, Unity
Tags2D, Co-op, Local multiplayer, Pixel Art, Retro, Unity, volley, volley-ball, volleyball
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Interactive tutorial, Textless
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


Spikair Volleyball - Alpha V5 - Windows 53 MB
Spikair Volleyball - Alpha V5 - Linux 71 MB
Spikair Volleyball - Alpha V5 - MacOS 66 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the file

2. Extrat / Unzip it

3.  Open the folder

4. Start the application file

(you can create a shortcut of the application file with right-click)

Development log


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Great game, great mechanics! You all must have a deep understanding of volleyball mechanics, winning strategies, and teamwork. You are a group of game developers who love volleyball. I was drawn to volleyball by the Japanese anime "Haikyu!!" and I want to create a 3D action volleyball game. However, as I have only been learning game development for a few months, I feel that I am currently unable to realize this idea...

I started volleyball with Haikyu too :D
Nothing is impossible as long as you keep trying ! ♥


hahah, this anime is trully influential, thank you for your encouragement, by the way, I also enjoy playing Fizz. :D


Hey, there's a way to make or try a similar version for mobile, I saw this game and was very impressed with the quality, I really wanted to play on mobile since I don't have a computer I don't know if the site sends notification but if it doesn't, answer me in Gmail please (miguelarantesz204@gmail.com) I really want to play it, it looks amazing, congratulations 


We tried to port it on mobile but FPS were really low... T-T
However, we might try again later ;)

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Hi, I came back after 1 year hahaha, I only remembered now, but were you able to make a mobile version with a better FPS?? I really found the game very interesting and I wanted to be able to play it, please try 🙏 If possible, respond to my email: @miguearantesz@gmail.com, because there's no notification here, I really want to play, I'm a big fan of volleyball and especially volleyball games lol

There might be a mobile port but this would be after the release of the V1.0 so not soon :)

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Well, I think it's fair, you can take your time, having a mobile version I would be very excited because I know it's not easy to play with cell phone games, good luck, is there a channel that May I receive updates 

Here :)



Hey guy !! online 1v1peer to peer ? I'm not a big fan of AI
game is feeling good => imagine with better graphics,  more motion freedom and online !!!! keep going


Did you try the new demo on Steam ? :)


For the online, we want to try but online for fast-paced games isn't easy too implement :3


Yes I downloaded it yesterday and game is feeling good, I'm pretty sure you will find online solution. Isn' it like tennis games ?  playing vs AI becomes boring but this is only my opinion many people like playing AI.

For sure I will be big fan once online. I'm 40 yo so bringing friends to home and play local is no more a practice

There isn't age to bring friends at home and play :) ♥

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haha... V5 makes the CPU more difficult, I almost lost, before this are very easy to win.

Ah ah ah, a lot of players were asking for CHALLENGE AI !

Do you think we should increase/decrease/keep this difficulty ? :)

(but the best is to play against another HOOMAN ♥)


I think you can also increase the difficulty, or add a difficulty option


More difficulty and more challenge


I experienced a bug where the opponent served and were supposed to get the point but I got the point instead I don't know if this is a big deal but the ref clearly disagrees with the game

Thanks for the report R1N9 ♥

It's not a real bug. The referee is really OP and if the serve goes out, he will know before the ball landing. For the match point, it results of this "too fast" ending screen. The new system we made in the Beta fixed that but I'm gonna take a look if I can fix it in the Alpha as well ;)

However, your screenshot is quite useful cause I see that "MATCH POINT" is still visible where it should not. I've to fix it :D


I have a question, will you be adding super spikes like the sound effect and effect on screen like real life?? And will you ever add a fifth or sixth player?? Or even a rotation system with a libero?? just curious

If the question is : TV FX like with text : "ACE" / "MONSTER BLOCK" / "SUPER SPIKE" ?

The answer is yes ;)

5-6 players ?

Probably no :3

Rotation ?

Yes & no, we're thinking about a system about it :)

Libero ?

We have an idea of it but we need to try it :D


ok the one I was looking for the most was the first question because I love that about real volleyball tv. And if you are not doing 5-6 players will there be an option for a right side attack of some sort (whether it be middle, opposite or backrow)??

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I don't think it would be interesting to have the right side attack without another player. The main idea is to have 4 timings for the middle blocker to choose :
- blocking the setter
- blocking the MB
- blocking the pipe
- blocking the left hitter


I see okay thanks for the answer


A question as to a more exact timeline as to when the game may release on steam. Do you guys yet know when you want to or will be able to release the game to play on steam or still in the works and don't have an approximate date yet?

No timeline yet... :3
It's not our job so we can't spend a lot of time on dev (sadly). We don't want to rush and throw it. Our target is the summer for the "Demo/Beta/Early Access" steam release to have more feedback from you, dear players/gamers :D ♥


The backrow attacker actually jumps from in front of the 10-foot line. Nothing like major but a small minor thing that if you would like to look at changing that I could see adding more realism to the game.


I take that back in the game you do but from what you see on steam it doesn't look like it

You mean this foot crossing the line ? :D
You're 100% right, I'll make sure he's not doing fault for backrow attack ;) ♥


I'm loving the offence but I feel the defence could use more work. Currently I feel blocking a spike seems too unreliable and not worth the risk/reward. 

The risk/reward ?

There isn't risk for blocking. It's only reward for good timing, no ?


Hi! I've been playing for a day now and I really like how the game flows. I really like looking at the game statistics whenever there's a volleyball match so I think it would also be fun to include some kind of in-game statistics :>


Nice to see that you like the gameplay :D

I made a stats count in the Beta version  (ace, block, spike, dig if I remember well). Do you have any other stats you'd like to have ? ♥


An error count would be good <3 thank you so much!

Do you mean faults ? Like miss serve and spike out ?


Yes! That would be awesome <3


I've been enjoying the game so far, i finished the tutorial and jumped into intermediate difficulty and then pro, it's really fun to play, but i'm experiencing a glitch what does the setter and middle blocker freeze after a failed block and a receive, but the game is pretty fun! :) footage of the bug:

Hi Dynezel,

We're really happy to see that's you're enjoying the game :D

Thanks A LOT for the feedback with the video. We saw that lot of players  encountered this bug but you're the first one to show it in video :)

We might fix the Alpha even if we're working on the Beta.  I'm gonna check the code to see if it's easy to fix !

The Beta is a whole new system we're currently working on (with more moves :D) so I don't think we'll have this kind of bug ;)

Have a nice day ♥

When might we be able to play the beta?

The Beta will be the Early Access on Steam (this year 2022) ♥


This game is so joyful. I just learned to play pretty well by looking the player near the ball to hit the ball. Instead of watching the sliding gate bar.


Thanks a lot ! ♥
You mean you look the player who hit the ball ? :3


Yes, looking the player to hit the ball better than looking sliding progress bar. 😀


That's exactly this way we wanted player to play :D
Well, maybe watching between the ball and the player is more accurate xD

Now, you're ready to leave the tutorial and play game (mode pro ofc) ♥


Wow! This is a ton of fun. I'd love to chat with you and learn a bit more! Can we connect via Twitter / email / discord?

Scott @ rogueco.com 

Thanks a lot ! :D
Here is our twitter (I sent you a message. Well, I hope it's you xD)



I've been messing with the game for a day or two now, and I haven't experienced any bugs so far. The only thing that's bugging me is the Keyboard and Mouse controls. I'm not really a fan of using controllers, so my question would be, is there going to be a chance that you'll add a Change Keybinds option for future releases?

PS - I've already put the game into my Steam wishlist. :D

(1 edit)

Wow 1 day or 2 ! I'm already happy when players spend 30 minutes in the game xD

OFC we'll do the keybind choice. I HATE games where you cannot change it >_<

Anyway, could you explain to me why these inputs are bad and what you'll do to make it better ? :3

PS - Thanks a lot ♥♥♥

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The issue with the controls is more of a personal thing for me. Just not a fan of Keyboard + Mouse control if the game isn't FPS or a MOBA. 

If it isn't evident enough, I really am enjoying this even though it's still on alpha.

Remember the part when I said I haven't experienced bugs?


I remember clicking the Beginner difficulty and now I'm here. 24 minutes in.

I'm still playing btw, I want to see how many points and how long can this go before crashing or something.

PS - I will try to update and give images of the current points and total time before it crashes xddd


2 hours in... the scoreboard's a bit f.... xd. Will update again later if possible xddd.


3 hours xddd the scoreboard's dead now :D

Holy ... ! oO


4 hours in baby xdddd

So you would put something like :
left click -> J
right click -> K

LMFAO I'm wondering how is it possible :O
We'll check it to be sure nobody encounter this kind of trouble :3

With the last update, you'll be able to play with keyboard only ;) ♥


I played like 5 hours of the game and it's the best volleyball game for me. I got a bug, that the setter and the quick attack spiker froze mid-game so I couldn't pass the ball anywhere. And will there be a championship in this game at some point?


Sorry for the late answer !

Thank you for playing that long ! We're happy that you're enjoying the game :D

Mmh, strange bug. What do you mean by "froze mid-game" ? :3

Yes there will be a championship and other stuff in the game. Check it here ♥



Hi! Thank you for the info. 

By froze mid-game, I mean that the quick attack and the setter were not able to move or do any of their actions. It mostly happened when the enemy does a quick attack and you slow the ball down with the block.

Don't know if it was fixed or not since I am still playing on the old version.

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Happy new year ;)

Alright, I see. Yes, we fixed that bug hé hé B) ♥

The new version is not available yet and would be on Steam in few months I think :D

(1 edit)

Thanks for the info and happy new year to you too!


Firstly, I wanted to say that I've been enjoying playing this game, it may be an alpha build but it has a fun foundation in my opinion.

I have a question. What does every part of the meter mean? Which  would be the best to shoot?

Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.


Thanks ! We're happy to read this :D

To answer the question, I got to tell you that we're gonna change a little bit this system. For the moment it's power of attack like this :


We're creating a new system which changes the 70% into FAIL ! :D


Thanks for the reply, now it makes it more clear. So the violet zone is a guaranteed point? I have only played in the beginner level but it gets less forgiving in the harder levels right (narrower effective zones)?

One suggestion (if you are interested obviously, no pressure), perhaps in lower difficulties (beginner) the player could receive feedback in shot timing.  For example a Great hit appears somewhere when the attack is at the 90% zone, Good hit at 80%, etc. Maybe not at medium or hard difficulty because it is more challenging but this could be an aid for players to get used to the game.


Yes, it's the best zone cause the player will do a special attack :D

We're here for feedback and I'm happy to read that you're talking about it cause it's EXACTLY what we've plan :D
It will show Miss, Ok, Good, Perfect, Miss B)


Really nice game so far I hope you continue working on it and I am really looking forward to the complete version.

Don't worry ! We are ON :D
Stay tuned for the news ;)


What a blast! This game is good!
It is featured on my Week's Top 5! Take a look!


Wow ! Thank you really much for this. We really appreciate ♥


Super jeu, on sent que c'est déjà bien abouti, le gameplay en mode pierre feuille ciseau est bien équilibré, et j'aime bien le système de barre pour jauger de la réussite des smashs et des services.

C'est marrant d'avoir choisi cette approche très scriptée pour un jeu indé car ça implique pas mal de polish mais ça colle très bien au volley.

 Si je devais trouver un axe d'amélioration pour moi ça serait la musique un peu répétitive et le système de contre avec un seul mec qui doit tout faire pendant que le passeur le regarde. :D

Merci beaucoup Kraken guy :)

C'est bien noté pour tes remarques. On va ajouter un peu de variabilité dans la musique. Pour le contre, on va garder un seul bloqueur mais faire reculer les 2 autres en défense. Car OUI, le passeur se tourne les pouces xD


Loved playing this alpha version! If in the final version we could direct where our spike is going this will be LIT! (It's fun that I always talk with my brother about how there should be more volleyball games)

Thank you really much :)

Well, we're looking to add those variations :

Which means, if you press button too late, ball goes on the net and if you press too early, it'll fly like a plane :D